Click It
Click It is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Brief Description:
Click It is a fun way to practice your mouse skills while playing a game. The goal is to eliminate 20 targets within 60 seconds by clicking on them. The smaller the target and the faster the target, the more points you get for eliminating it. Each click also reduces the score (cost of ammo) by 10 points. If you eliminate all targets before time runs out, a bonus is added to your score. The bonus is higher for smaller and faster targets. The top ten scores are displayed and saved in the High Scores window. Sound is supported. Click It is freeware.


When you launch Click It, you see a window with a large display, a few controls and a few small displays.


Click on the Slow, Medium, or Fast speed button and click on the Start button. The 20 targets appear at random locations inside the large display. There are four black targets, four blue targets, four green targets, four yellow targets, and four red targets. The black targets are the slowest and the red targets are the fastest.


The top ten scores are displayed in the High Scores window, along with the player's name, the bonus, and the speed. Above you see scores of six games, two at each speed.

Sound is supported. You can turn the sound On/Off from the Sound menu item.

Window location, control settings, sound setting and high scores are saved between sessions.

Click here to download Version 1.3.0 (4.5 MB) for Macintosh, OS 10.6 or later (zip).