Peek is compatible with Lion (10.7) and higher.

Brief Description:
Peek is intended for Users who have sensitive eyes and need to reduce clutter around what they are reading on the computer display. Peek is compatible with Normal and Retina displays. Peek is freeware.


When you launch Peek, you see a black Background Window, a thin floating Peek Window where the display around your mouse is displayed, and the Peak Control Panel Window.

You can reposition the Windows by dragging the title bars.  You can resize the Background and Peak Windows by dragging the bottom right corners.

If you want to add a tint to the entire display, click the "Shades On" checkbox. The Tint Color drop down menu has five choices: Gray, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and My Tint. If you wish to make your own tint (My Tint), click the "My Tint" box, select the desired color, and click the "OK" button. Use the "Tint Darkness" slider to set how dark the tint should be.

Use the left slider to set the Peek Window's magnification (1 - 5) of the area around the mouse.

Check the "Crosshairs" checkbox if you wish to see crosshairs in the Peek Window.

Click the Hide/Show button to hide/show the Peek Window. Shortcuts for Show/Hide are Control-Shift/Option-Shift.

Control Panel location and settings and Background Window and Peek Window locations and sizes are saved between sessions.

Click here to download Version 1.0.0 (2.5 MB) for Intel Macintosh, OS 10.7 or later (zip).