Remind Me
Remind Me is compatible with Lion (10.7) and higher.

Brief Description:
Have you ever missed something important because you forgot to check your calendar for that day? Remind Me was developed to help users keep appointments and remember birthdays and anniversaries. Messages are displayed in big, black letters on a pale yellow layer until recognized by the User. Remind Me is $10 shareware. You can try Remind Me in Demo Mode for up to ten launches after which you must register to continue using the application.

Version 2.5.0 replaced Kagi (which closed) with PayPal. If you are registerd, there is no need to upgrade.


When you launch Remind Me, the Control Panel is displayed. Above you see the Control Panel displaying three appointments (blue background) and seven birthdays (yellow background).


A new menu item (above) is added to the menu bar of every application. Some applications add many menu items to the menu bar. If you cannot see the menu item, try clicking on the desktop or remove some of the menu items (see System Preferences > Other) where you may have added menu items.


When you click on the menu item, you see nine sub-items.

Add new appointments to the table by completing the fields and clicking on the "Add Reminder" button.

Add new appointments to the table by completing the fields and clicking on the "Add Reminder" button.

To add new birthdays and anniversaries, fill in just the "Month", "Day" and "What" fields. If you wish, you can use the "Note" field for a very short note. If you want to be reminded early enough to send a card, etc., then enter the month and day that you want to be alerted and use the "What" field to indicate the actual date.

You can view a calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" button or clicking on the new menu item and selecting "Show Calendar." When you click on a date, the year, month, and day information is entered into the Control Panel fields and the Calendar window closes so that you can complete other fields.

Update appointments, birthdays and anniversaries by clicking on a row, updating field information and clicking on the "Update Reminder" button.

Delete a row by clicking on it and clicking on the "Delete Reminder" button.

There are three buttons to delay an appointment by one day, week or month. Click on an appointment and click on the appropriate button. Because months have different numbers of days, a month is added if the day is 26 or less. Because some appointments might be end of month tasks (pay bills, etc.), Remind Me considers whether the day is the last day of the month or the next to last day of the month and uses the appropriate day for the next month.

The "!" field is the number of minutes (up to 999 minutes) you want the reminder to be displayed before the appointment.

You can minimize the Control Panel by clicking on the minimize (yellow) button in the Control Panel's top left corner. Bring the Control Panel back to the display from the Dock by clicking on the icon in the Dock or by clicking on the menu item and selecting "Show Appointments". If you check the "Auto Minimize" checkbox, the Control Panel will be minimized automatically upon launch.

Note: Appointments, Birthdays and Anniversaries are sorted automatically when added or updated and the table is scrolled to the current timeframe.

Daily Schedule: The first time the computer is awakened each day, the Daily Schedule is displayed on top of the screen with birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments scheduled for the day. Click on the new menu item and select "Thank You for the Reminder" to clear the reminder display or select "Print Today's Schedule" if you want a printed copy of the schedule.


Above is an example of a Daily Schedule message. This message covers the entire screen.

Appointment Reminder: When the date and time (with the ! Alert offset) matches the appointment, a reminder for the appointment is displayed. You can click on the new menu item and dismiss the reminder, select "Remind me again in 5 minutes" to have the reminder come back later or select "Print details" to print details for the flashed appointment.


Above is an example of a reminder message. This message covers the entire screen.


Future Appointments: You can also click on the menu item and select "Print Future Appointments". Above is an example of such a report.


Birthdays and Anniversaries: You can click on the menu item and select "Print Birthdays and Anniversaries" to view (click on Preview and then Cancel after viewing) or make a hard copy of this information. Above is an example of such a report.

Add Remind Me to the System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items to have Remind Me launch automatically after each start-up.
Do not check the "Hide" checkbox for Remind Me. Instead, check the "Auto Minimize" button in the Remind Me Control Panel.

Appointments, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Control Panel settings are saved between sessions.

Help information can be printed by clicking on the File > Print Help menu item.

Click here to download Version 2.5.0 (6.0 MB) for Mac (OS 10.7 or later, zipped)