Find A Word
Find A Word for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6) and higher.

Find A Word for Windows is compatible with Win 7 and higher.

Windows Version 2.0.1 uses an installer.

Brief Description:
You get ten points for each word plus one point for each letter in the word. If you find 30 words before the end of a turn, the turn ends and you get 200 bonus points plus a time bonus. If you have selected 90 seconds per turn, your time bonus is one point per unused second. With 60 seconds per turn, you get 10 points per unused second. If you have selected 30 seconds per turn, your time bonus is 100 points per unused second. At the end of five turns, your Total Score will be compared to the top ten scores. If your score is within the ten top scores, you will be asked for your name and your name, score, number of times you earned a bonus and the selected Time Per Turn will be added to the High Scores table. The High Scores window can be accessed at any time from the menu bar. You can edit a name in the High Scores table by double-clicking a name, typing a new name, and pressing the "Return" key.

The Find A Word dictionary includes over 80,000 words. You can add/subtract words using the Word Maintenance window accessed from the menu bar. When you first launch the Find A Word program, the default dictionary is saved to your hard drive. Changes (additions or deletions) are saved automatically and the revised dictionary is loaded at the beginning of the next session. You can click the "Use Default Word Set" button at any time. Warning: Clicking this button will overwrite your revised dictionary immediately.

If you want to improve your play skills, you can find a list of words that could be made from your Letter Pot letters by selecting Improve Skills under the Help menu and following the steps. Sound can be turned on/off. A Help window is available. This game is freeware.


Displayed above, the Letter Pot has three random vowels (u, e, and a) and five random consonants (q, v, k, t, and m). The player has chosen to use 30 seconds per turn. The score at the end of the fourth turn is 127 for the ten words. The score for the game so far is 336. The web site linked from the Improve Skill menu lists 56 words (not including "a" the one letter word) that can be made from these Letter Pot letters.


Displayed above is the High Scores window. You can see how many bonuses were awarded and selected turn times. (Note: Trish's best score is with 60 Sec/Turn selected; she had two turns where she found thirty words and this setting gives you ten extra bonus points for each unused second in addition to the 200 point bonus.)


Displayed above is the Maintenance Window, where the Find A Word dictionary is managed. The built-in dictionary has 80,370 words. None of these words are proper names, abbreviations, or hyphenated words. You can add to this dictionary or remove words and your revised dictionary will be used immediately and reloaded again when you relaunch. If you wish, you can revert to the built-in dictionary by clicking on the "Use Default Word Set."

Click here to download Version 2.5.0 (3.0 MB zip file) for Macintosh (OS 10.6 or later).

Click here to download Version 2.0.1 (1.5 MB zip file) for Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10.