Picture Puzzle
Picture Puzzle is compatible with Lion (10.7) and higher.

If application does not respond to key strokes, you need to reboot Mac.

Brief Description:
Picture Puzzle was developed as a puzzle for both kids and adults. It is harder than you might expect and a bit addictive.

Version 2.0.0 is compatible with Retina and Normal displays.

When you launch Picture Puzzle, you are asked to select a jpg (or jpeg) image.


Your selected image will appear in the large window below and in a smaller area to the right. If you are using a Retina Display, click on the "Retina" checkbox. When you click on the "Scramble" button, the image is divided into 25 mini-images and the mini-images are scrambled. If the "Rotate" checkbox is checked, the mini-images are also rotated at random. The small image at the right displays the answer. Your job is to unscramble the mini-images by rotating the mini-images (if "Rotate" is checked) and clicking and dragging them to the correct place. To rotate a mini-image counter-clockwise, hold down the control key or left cursor key and double-click a mini-image. To rotate a mini-image clockwise, hold down the option key or right cursor key and double-click a mini-image. If you have a mini-image rotated correctly and drag it close to the correct location, the image will "shiver with excitement"; let up on the mouse and the image will snap into the correct place. There is a "work scratch area" at the right where you can drag mini-images to get them out of the way temporarily.


Because the "Rotate" checkbox was checked, mini-images below were rotated at random as well as their location scrambled.


The User decided to start at the upper left corner, moved some mini-images to the "Work Scratch Area" to make room and has three mini-images rotated correctly and dragged to the top left corner. As correctly rotated mini-images get close to the correct location, the images "shiver with excitement". Stop dragging the mini-image and it will snap into place.


Below you see the puzzle is almost solved. One mini-image remains in the "Work Scratch Area", rotated correctly and ready to drag into position.


Below you see what the image might look like if the "Rotate" checkbox is unchecked and the "Scramble" button is clicked. Without rotation of mini-images, the puzzle is much easier.


Click on "New" button to work another puzzle.

Location of the window and status of the "Rotate" and "Retina" checkboxes is saved between sessions.

Click here to download a zipped archive of Version 2.0.0 (3.9 MB) for Mac, OS 10.7 or later. Double-click the zip file to unzip it. You will see a folder with the Picture Puzzle application, the Landscape Pond.jpg file used above and a Read Me file.