Tinted Window

Tinted Window is compatible with Lion (10.7) and higher.

Brief Description:
Tinted Window was developed for Users with sensitive eyes who would benefit from tinting of a
part of the display and from seeing a part of the display magnified. Tinted Window is freeware.

Click here to see Screen Shades, a simple utility for tinting the whole main display for Users with sensitive eyes.

here to see Screen Shades Pro, a version that provides a wide range of darkness over the main display and an external display.


When you first launch Tinted Window you see the Control Panel and a small Display Window. The Control Panel has a Pushbutton to Show / Hide the Display Window / Tint, a drop-down menu to set the Tint Color (Gray, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and My Tint, a User settable color), a Checkbox to set the Mode (show the area around the Mouse with Tint or show Tint Only), a slider to set the Tint Darkness, and a slider to set the Zoom (1X to 3X). To set My Tint, click on the small square. The Color Wheel will come up for you to select the desired color and click on the OK button. The small square with then display the My Tint color.

Upon launch, the Tint Only checkbox comes up unchecked; the Display Window displays the area around the Mouse with the Zoom set by the slider. The default Tint Color is Gray and the default Tint Darkness is set near the low end.

Drag the Control Panel out of the way. Drag the Display Window where you would like to use it. Resize the Display Window by dragging the corners and sides.


Above you see that the Display Window has been resized, the Mouse is over the dog's head, and the Tint Color has been set for Yellow. You can experiment with different Tints, and Tint Darkness and Zoom settings.

FYI: The Display Window can quite large. Do not cover the Control Panel. Clicks will be recognized and objects can be dragged normally under the Tint layer.


Above you see that the Tint Only checkbox has been checked. The location and size of the Tint area is the same as was set for the Display Window. You can experiment with different Tints and Tint Darkness settings.

If the Tint Only check box is not checked and the Mouse is near the center of the Display Window, you will see the "Hall of Mirrors" effect.

The Control Panel can be minimized. Shortcuts are provide to Show (Control-Shift) and Hide (Option-Shift) the Display Window / Tint. Important Control Panel settings are saved between sessions.

Click here to download Version 1.0.0 (4.4 MB) for Macintosh, OS 10.7 or later (zip).

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